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Benjamin H. Tyrrel, Printers Since 1867 – Lower Manhattan

Benjamin H. Tyrell, Printer
© Frank H. Jump

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Union Blue & Militia Gray: The Role of NY State Militia in the Civil War – Glossary – Regimental Histories


  1. J. Tyrrel says:

    It’s spelled Tyrrel. Company was commonly known as Benj. H. Tyrrel or BHT for short. Building was owned by the 110 Greenwich Street Corp. and commonly refered to as The Tyrrel Building.
    At one time it was the oldest financial printing company in NYC.

  2. fadingad says:

    Cool! Thanks Tyrrel! Stop by again. Have a happy and healthy new year. Frank

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi this jiya khan, thanks for the information and nice blog too do keep posting.

  4. Julie Keyes says:

    Just wondering who J. Tyrrel is. I’ve always been J. Tyrrel. Benjamin Harvey was my g
    grand father.

    1. fadingad says:

      Funny how that is J. There are a couple of Frank Jumps out there too.

  5. Michael Tyrrel Byrne says:

    Hello all, BHT was my families company. Seeing the Pic gives me tons of hope, I have opened a new printing company and know that we created and a wonderful company once so we can do it again. Most of my family see it an feels a tremendous amount of emptiness. None the less love the picture and it create a ton of conversation within my family. J Tyrrel is that Aunt J??

    Thanks again,

    1. J Hickman says:

      Michael I assume you are Jerry and Lynn’s son. I remember you coming into the shop as a small boy. I hope your business does well and that your Mom and Dad are doing great. Always a warm spot in my heart for Jerry and Lynn they are warm genuine people that deserve nothing but the best

  6. Margaret Cama-Nicoletti says:

    My father Michael Cama worked with the company for many years. He loved printing very much. After he retired from it in 1992, he past away in 1996. His love for printing was so deep and wide, I miss him so much and his stories about the company. Thanks

    1. steve says:

      i might have worked with your dad…sad

    2. J Hickman says:

      I worked with your father. He was always a gentleman and a pleasure to work with.


    Benj. Harvey Tyrrel was my great grandfather. I worked for BHT, the printing company, from June 1946 untill June 1951, along with my cousins Richard Briggs Tyrrel and Robert Elmer Tyrrel, Sr. It was Dick’s idea to paint the sign on the south side of the building. We thought he was nuts, but did get one account (for engraved stationery and business forms) as a direct result. (Fibre Services, on Rector Street.) Dick died in 2003, Bob in 1990. My younger brother Craig worked there briefly, in 1950/2. Craig died in 2000. I have a company roster dated January 1, 1950 of all 69 BHT and Tyrrel Building employees. My daughter, Sue Anne Tyrrel lives in Forest Hills and my son Charles in Wyoming.

    1. Marion says:

      I am sorry to hear Dick Tyrrel died. I worked with him at Hygrade Printing on Rector Street and then in the Tyrrel Building on Greenwich for a few years. He taught me a lot about the business and sailing and life in general, good man he was. I loved working with everyone there, but had a sensitivity to the chemicals so I had to leave. I also knew Sue Tyrrel for a brief time. I miss the business and that area of NYC, a special little town of its own.

  8. Thomas. a. Tyrrel says:

    i belive that benj. h tyrrel was my great great grandfather. j tyrrel is joan tyrrel which is my mother. Its cool to see my family history on here. thanks everyone for all the info.

    Thomas. Tyrrel. III .

  9. fadingad says:

    Hey Thomas! Glad to see you stopping by to say hello to your kin. Enjoy!

  10. Michael Tyrrel Byrne says:

    Wow, this is Crazy…. Hello Cousin Tommy! Well i should write more now. Our Great Grandfather Harold Tyrrel ran the Production Department, his Son Thomas Brush Tyrrel later took over the company working his way up from the estimating department.

  11. Alan says:

    Hi, this is for any of the Tyrells, my Grandfather Irving Sarner worked for the company for 43 years, I inherited his gold Bulova retirement watch upon his passing. Can you tell me about the company? I know he was very much into photography but not sure if that was related to his job or hobby. Thanks for any help.

  12. Joshua Tyyrel Salzmann says:

    Hi All.

    I am a gg grandson of bh tyrrel…via elmer, ty(nelson), and diana. I have been polking around for information as i have been working on interpreting old photos and documents from the printing co, lake, brooklyn etc.

    It seems there is a branch here that i don’t know…would love to hear from you.
    I am at jtsalzmann@gmail.com

  13. steve says:

    i used to work here i believe late80s early 90s.when tom tyrell ran it ,i also remember his cousin biff..i was there when we got hold up by a previous employee,,,Guy used to cash everyones check and give them cash…great place lots of fun.supposely closed when the union went on strike they closed there doors….

    1. Marion says:

      @ Steve – do you remember the company HYGRADE that rented an office on the 2nd floor of the building? I worked there as sales rep/ office manager with Lou Cervini and Joe Barrett. I also remember Biff had a snake as a pet in his office. I never went up there again after he scared me with it. It What did you do there?

  14. steve says:

    they also went by the name ttf communications

  15. Susan B. Tyrrel says:

    This is pretty amazing to see all this response to the weathered painting on the side of a building. I worked at BHT from 1982 to 1986. I remember many people from there but Harry Eidelberg(?) use to crack me up & I think often of his comment; with cigar hanging from his mouth ‘Sue, a contented worker is a productive worker’ usually after cookies.
    Anyway, nephew Tommy T. it’s great to see your name out there, hope all is well for you say hi to your sister.
    I wasn’t aware there were so many Tyrrels; I did run into I believe it was Chris’ daughter at the botanical garden here in Arizona a few years back which was ver unexpected.

    1. Donna Stevens says:

      Do you remember me? How could you forget, like to talk with you. Your partner in Production

  16. gianluca says:

    I have found a picture of the building of your company with the full logo on top.
    The pictures is from my trip in NY (’85); I put on my flickr

    1. fadingad says:

      Way cool thanks!

  17. Marion says:

    I forgot to mention, I worked with a company named Hygrade and my two bosses were Lou Cervini and Joe Barrett.

    1. J Hickman says:

      I remember Hygrade and TTF Communications.. TTF was a separate corporation from Hygrade I believe. I started out working for BHT around 81 and then went to TTF. I left there in 93.

      1. J. Tyrrel says:

        Hygrade was Bob and Joe Barrett. They had nothing to do with TTF. Joe Barrett was good friends with my father RBT and helped Dick a great deal when he left BHT to start Logigraph Network. Of course that is a whole other can of worms!

  18. Gordon F. Tanner says:

    I’m hoping that Michael Tyrrel reads this I have to get in contact with either your dad or grandfather. I also worked with them as well as J. Hickman, the reason
    I would like to contact them is because I have something of sentimental value to them regarding BHT and also remember driving you and your dad home to Staten Island on Saturday’s when you would come into the shop.

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