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Ess & Ess Mfg. Co. – 95 Grand Avenue – Clinton Hill, Brooklyn February 2005

Ess & Ess Co - Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Ess & Ess Co - Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
© Frank H. Jump

I found this entry on Ebay for a Gretsch guitar case:

This is a Gretsch guitar case from the 50’s -early 60’s. It for a flat top guitar. The badge inside reads, “Ess & Ess Mfg. Co., Quality Cases, Brooklyn, N.Y.”.

Ess & Ess Co - Clinton Hill, Brooklyn


  1. Jim says:

    I have recently found what I believe to be a railroad locomotive lever of some type in my late father’s belongings. it is made of brass and is 3.5″ long with a hook on one end and a spoon shaped handle on the other end. The spoon shaped handle has a keystone stamped on the bottom of the depressed handle with what looks to be a spindle or axis in the center with what look to be arrows rotating around the spindle. I am wondering if this is from a Pennsylvania railroad locomotive and am wondering if your company manufactured this and what it’s purpose is. I thank you for any help you might give me with this.

    Jim Hegg
    West Lebanon, IN

  2. fadingad says:

    Take a picture of it and send it to frankjump@fadingad.com. I will show it to some of the railroad experts I know and get back to you.

  3. My G.G. grandfather had a fur shop in 1901 @ 44 Steuben. I believe it to be part of the B.Q.E. now. I have an old photo of a bunch of them standing outside the shop.

  4. fadingad says:

    Yes, the BQE destroyed neighborhoods and uprooted thousands of people. Would love to see the photo. Scan it and I’ll feature it!

  5. Ken says:

    Have a guitar case that also has the Ess & Ess sticker in it quality casses from brooklyn NY.. Anything at all on this company and what happend to it?

  6. Art says:

    I too have a couple ess & ess cases…and they are great! Would love to know where to buy…or if they even exist!

    1. Mark Griffin says:

      I have a Ess & Ess guitar case now housing a 1967 gibson es-335 . I believe it is a 1962 case as it has alable on it saying 1962 gibson es 335. Let me know if interested. thanks Mark.

  7. Marty says:

    I was the owner of ESS & Ess. It was started by my Dad in 1950 and I ran it the company from 1964 to 1984 when I closed it and sold the building. The comany was Ess & Ess Mfg. til 1953 after that is was incorporated as Ess & Ess Music Case Co, Inc. The photo you posted is not at Steuben St. That is the main entrance at 95 Grand Avenue. If you have any questions Email to me

    1. fadingad says:

      Hey Marty- Thanks for stopping by and giving us the update. Also, thanks for sharing your family history with us. Send me any pics or ephemera you may have and I’ll post it. All the best, Frank

    2. Steve says:

      Hi Marty,

      I would be interesting in corresponding further regarding Ess & Ess history.

    3. Mark says:

      Hey Marty! I have a Ess & Ess mfg co. guitar case housing a 1967 Gibson es-335 . the case has a sticker on the outside that says Gibson es-335 (1962) . Would it mean if it has the Ess & Ess mfg co. lable on the inside it would be a 1953 or earlier ? Thank’s Mark.

    4. Glen Kaufman says:

      Marty,We used to supply office supplies to Ess&Ess for many years .(Kaufman’s).We lived next door to your father and mother(Tilly &Lou)and was friends with their grandson Philip.I saw the Ess &Ess building sign and it brought back memories as I had delivered office supplies there for many years.

    5. Glen Kaufman says:

      My family lived next door to your parents,Lou and Tillie in Mill Basin and also sold Ess&Ess office supplies for many years.I saw the faded building sign posted and it brought back memories because I used to deliver the office supplies there.I was wondering what had happened to the company and I also believe that there was a bookkeeper there named Sylvia.

  8. fadingad says:

    Wow. Went to maps.google and it looks like the building is gone.

  9. Chuck says:

    Marty, I recently purchased a 1970’s gibson ES335 that came in an Ess and Ess case. Was your company a supplier for Gibson guitars or just direct to consumer sales? Thanks, Chuck

  10. Marty says:

    Hey Chuck:
    Yes, that E335 was the first case we made for Gibson. I met the new president of Gibson at the 1969 NAMM show in Chicago and he was shocked at the difference in quality of the ESS & ESS case and the Gibson Cases they were currently using. They gave me our first order that September and the 1st cases were delivered that October. We went on to supply most of the Les Paul’s, Barney Kassel’s, and most other Gibson cases from that point forward.
    We supplied the Gibson cases direct, as well as all the Gretsch, Guild,and Kramer Cases and many other brands. We didn’t sell to retailers or the consumer.
    Sorry the answer has taken so long in coming. I recently moved and have not been back to the website.

    1. Steve says:


      I would like to obtain more information on Ess & Ess, in order to publish a history similar to what I have done with Geib.


  11. paul toplis says:

    i have just bought a lovely old saxaphone and case in england (kessingland ,suffolk) the label in the case reads ess & ess with purple velvet inside.. came with an old sax .. the wording on it reads. true perfection.. ,and a serial number then the word lewin ( i think) anybody got info on what ive just bought ? it was at £30 thanks

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