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Hey Flatbush Junctioners! Know Your Storm Flood Zone!

OEM Flood Zone Locator
OEM Flood Zone Locator

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Global Disaster Interactive Map

Heritage at Risk – Beta

Environmental disasters, tourism, and political turmoil threaten the integrity of our global heritage. Shown below are the potentially devastating effects of seismic activity and climate change on our unique landscapes and legacies. For more information about this experimental new application, please see the our blog

This summer, with all of the Hurricane Hype, our insurance company of over twenty years (Liberty Mutual) dropped us because of the risk of flood damage and since we have a wood-framed home. This was a week before a re-finance from an adjustable mortgage. Convenient! A buddy sent me a flood map and there is a finger of flood water that runs from Paerdegat Basin in Canarsie down Farragut past our block and over Nostrand Avenue in the event of a major hurricane (or Nor’Easter). The OEM site allows you to enter your address to find your flood zone. It’s amazing how a few numbers makes such a difference. Location Location Location! PS: Liberty Mutual recently sent us a letter asking us back as customers- at a higher premium of course!

Updated link to Gowanus Lounge’s  4/07 posting. 1/4/08

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