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June, 2007:

Paintjam Dan Dunn

Thanks Paul

Sam Roberts on Panasonic ad on Sixth Avenue above W 14th

© Sam Roberts, UK

In Memory of Clay Maxwell

Clay Maxwell
© Mosquito Eyebrows

I recently received this touching e-mail from a woman who lost her brother to complications due to HIV/AIDS (lymphoma). Click on Robin’s image above to view her blog. Here is her note:

Interesting way to find a webpage-I had a dream last night that I was a little kid again (I’m 47 so still a kid, but barely) and for some odd reason Fletcher’s Castoria was in it. I thought it was cod liver oil or something but determined to look it up once I got to work and I ended up on your site.

I do believe I was supposed to end up here.

I lost my brother Clay, 2 months ago to Lymphoma which was related to his HIV + status. http://meot.shutterchance.com/photoblog I am having trouble getting back into my life and excepting his death and I guess I need some celebration. You’re that celebration Frank and I thank you. Your site envelopes my love of history and photography, my insane desire to someday visit NY, my love of brother and now, you. Yay! and thanks. So much.

Now I want to go home and spend all day looking at your site.

Much love to you Frank
From a new friend in that other red state-
Clay’s sister, Robin

Ft. Collins, CO

Ft Collins, CO
© Bob Kisken

Ft. Collins, CO

Ft Collins, CO
© Bob Kisken

Ft. Collins, CO

Ft Collins, CO
© Bob Kisken

Coca-Cola – Ft. Collins, CO

Ft Collins, CO
© Bob Kisken

The Female Image (Caucasian) in Western Art Over the Centuries

Sam Roberts on Faris' Blog

“Following my post on Colossal Media I came across an old email from Faris that he sent me after he got back from New York. It had this picture attached with has been painted onto a concrete blocked out window. It was on North 6th, Williamsburg, New York City but I wonder if it’ll have the staying power of some of it’s older relatives? – Sam Roberts, UK”

Thanks Faris for the picture.

Sam Roberts' UK Ghost Ads on Colossal Media

Dewars, USA
Sam Roberts has a great blog on signage in the UK. Here is a post he made this month on the New York sign company Colossal Media. Check out his brickads blogspot! “The art of large scale sign writing lives on in New York, USA through the work of Colossal Media. A full gallery of their work is available on their site but here are a couple of highlights, one old school style and one very much of the modern era. These ads must stand out dramatically from all the usual outdoor work that resident New Yorkers are exposed to. Great work, check out the rest! – Sam Roberts, UK”